If you have been assaulted or injured at a commercial establishment, and the risk of harm was known but not prevented, the owner may be held liable.

When you have been assaulted or injured outside of your home, at a commercial establishment such as a restaurant or hotel, you have rights that deserve to be preserved so you can receive the compensation you need to heal.

Ron Bone has the experience you are seeking, in proving fault for inadequate security that results in harm to others, whether it be sexual assault, robbery, or physical attack. The intentional criminal actions of another person often could have been prevented if the owners or management of the establishment took action on a known risk.

Many times, owners of commercial establishments know an unsafe environment exists and that crime is a possibility, and do nothing to prevent it.  It is their responsibility to provide a safe premise for their customers, and they should be held liable.  Cases such as these need to be investigated.

The legal team of Ron Bone will help with the issues that arise from serious injuries, including the coordination of medical benefits, managing insurance claims, investigating fault, preserving evidence, and choosing the right course of action based on the specific facts of the losses and harms.

If you are the victim of inadequate security, seek medical attention promptly.  Next, seek legal counsel to protect your interests.  Ron Bone will help you determine your next step.